Review of ‘The Last Orphans, #1’ by N. W. Harris

The Last Orphans (The Last Orphans, #1)The Last Orphans by N.W. Harris

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book starts out with a teenager who has just buried his Grandma, and ends up in another fight with his dad. It has an emotional beginning and it isn’t long before the hook is dropped to pull you in and keep that page turning.

The world quickly goes to hell and Shane suddenly finds himself helping the older girl that he has been crushing on forever! Shane takes on the responsibility of keeping Kelly and her little sister Natalie safe.

Once they meet up with other teenagers and younger kids, Shane finds himself in a leadership role with the others looking to him for direction.

This book is thrilling, terrifying and some of the situations that the author puts the characters in will make some people uncomfortable. This book has an excellent plot and the story is well delivered.

The characters are creative, unique and easy to bond with. I enjoyed watching them grow as people as they tried to keep the younger children safe and eventually try to save the world.

The author did a great job. I found this storyline wickedly creative and the book portrayed everything in a terrifyingly real manner. I like my horror books and this author did not disappoint! It was a refreshing take on an apocalyptic world and one without zombies. It is a relief to have something other than zombies be the cause of the end of the world!

I will definitely read more from this author as he has a great writing style and amazing ideas!
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‘The Harvest (The Last Orphans, #2)’ is available for Pre-order HERE  (If you read the first, you will definitely want to read the second!)

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