Review of ‘The Organ Takers: A Novel of Surgical Suspense’ by Richard Van Anderson

The Organ Takers: A Novel of Surgical SuspenseThe Organ Takers: A Novel of Surgical Suspense by Richard Van Anderson

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

David McBride is working an unfulfilling job and is not satisfied with his current living situation. His wife is a nurse who works hard and is trying her best to support him. They live in a tiny, cramped apartment with his father, whose health is failing. David, once on his way to being a successful surgeon, lost it all because of an ethical dilemma that he did not come forward with right away.

Just as his luck seems to turn around and he may be a surgeon again. His life is changing for the better when he is put in another ethical situation. This one is much different, he is being asked to harvest kidneys out of a medically prepared warehouse, which will be transported to another location where they will be transplanted into the waiting recipient. It’s all about money to them and when David tries to tell them no, because he is just getting his life on track, they threaten his wife and father. They prove that they have been watching him and know everything that he does.

David’s character is developed well, showing the ethical and compassionate side of him. We follow him as he struggles internally and externally to perform these organ harvests, especially once he finds out that they are not willing donors. David doesn’t want to do it, but he wants his family to be safe. David does push the limits which leads down a catastrophic path.

The storyline is well developed and the author gives just enough action and suspense to keep you reading. Once I started reading, it was tough to put this one down. I had to find out what was going to happen.

There are twists in the story that I did not see coming and we watch David as he has to choose which path to take. This is filled with suspense, action and a very intriguing story.

Cannot wait to read more by this author.

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