Review of ‘Undead Kelly’ by Timothy Bowden

Undead KellyUndead Kelly by Timothy Bowden
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This was a very interesting read. We start out with William (or whatever he chooses to call himself that day), who clearly is having a great deal of difficulty leading a productive life. Running from family issues, now poor and trying to make a living after failing to become a lawyer himself, he finds himself instead working for a lawyer who is working on one of the biggest cases. The Ned Kelly case.

William goes to the prison to take Ned’s statement to help prepare their case for trial. William inevitably bonds with Ned and finds himself going back day after day to gather all of the pieces of this guys story.

There are many different turns of events that keep the storyline suspenseful and moving. I really like Ned’s character and the whole story of him. I can honestly say I didn’t much care for or bond with the William character, but I think he helped enhance Ned’s character. I felt that it help me engage more and relate more to Ned. I felt all the characters were believable and well developed, even William.

This is definitely a different type of ‘zombie’ story. I really liked the fact that it was not an all out apocalyptic setting and that the ‘blighters’ were not known in society. I really enjoyed reading about the adventures of those special groups taking out ‘blighters’ to make the towns safe.

Overall, the story was amazing and it was hard to put it down once it started. I enjoyed all the twists and turns Bowden took us on and I thoroughly enjoyed the ending.

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