Review of ‘Writing on the Wall’ by Tracey Ward

Writing on the Wall (Survival Series, #1)Writing on the Wall by Tracey Ward
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is a post apocalypse of what the world is like several years after the initial zombie outbreak. In it we follow Joss who is a loner and is cold, hard and numb to the world around her. She is a survivor and has achieved this by staying under the radar, and not joining any of the gangs or colonies. She prefers it this way and enjoys being on her own alone until Ryan comes along.

Ryan introduces Joss to emotions that she wasn’t used to feeling and it terrified her. She knew that to care for another person was weakness and if she wanted to survive she couldn’t afford this. Will Joss follow her brain or her heart?

The author created these characters wtih a realism that I related with. The characters were well developed and it was refreshing to see Joss begin to soften and show her human side. The author did a good job portraying the struggle Joss goes through to keep up her survivalist mentality while finding comfort and joy in the presence of Ryan. Joss was a great lead character and the author did an excellent job describing the characters and the environment to paint a detailed picture in my head.

The pace of the story was right on track and it kept me turning the pages until I completed the book. The twists the author threw in, I never saw coming and was thoroughly surprised.

Overall, an excellent read and a great depiction of what life would be like after the initial zombie apocalypse has played out and how people choose to survive and rebuild society. I loved then ending and can not wait to see what the second book holds.

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