‘We Are The Plague (Dext of the Dead, #1)’ by Steve Kuhn

We Are The Plague (Dext of the Dead, #1)We Are The Plague by Steve Kuhn

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Now, this book is different than any other zombie book that I have read. It starts off with a rescue team finding a journal clutched in the hand of a dead person. They transcribe this journal and send it to Colonel Lang.

This was different to read, but really read more like a story. Even though you are reading ‘journal entries’ this story is intriguing and keeps you reading entry after entry to see where Dext and his crew end up.

Dext starts out alone, but quickly runs into two others and they band together. Junior, Cutty and Dext. Cutty and Junior’s relationship is unusually interesting but funny. These three make a good team, Cutty is the brute and great in melee combat while Junior is great with the rifle. Then there is Dext and he is a runner.

The trio continues on in search of a rescue station and they end up finding a few more survivors. Kylee (a military soldier) and Wyatt (a teenage boy) are the new additions to the group. They hole up in a cabin for a few days until tragedy forces them to move on.

The journal outlines how this group of people survived, lived, suffered loss and tragedy and the horrible things people do to survive. It shows all different sides of humanity and what it has become in face of the apocalypse.

Dext talks about a new community they join up with for a short time and the very unorthodox rules they enforce. It portrays the barbaric side of many survivors and the methods they will embrace in order to ensure their survival.

Each character of the main group is likeable and realistic. Throughout this book we get to see these characters grow and develop while keeping their will to help others. They are a neat little family.

The story is fast paced with a great deal of action. The story and characters are easy to follow and it is one of those books that you don’t want to put down. I really enjoyed the way this book was written as journal entries.

Great book and I can’t wait to read the second one!

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